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The shift to XML workflows has become vital to publishers around the world.
Our ability to move your work and your application processes is unprecedented for publishers currently using XML Workflows. The capacity of our staff to get up-and-running large-volume projects efficiently and effectively is built on over twelve years of experience, collaborating with hundreds of large-scale customers.
If you are not actually using XML but are looking to adopt an XML workflow, we welcome the opportunity to address your unique development needs with you, clarify our method and help you create the best workflow for your needs.


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Workflow in eBook Production

Via our proprietary XML technology, we offer the latest XML, HTML, and SGML features including XML scientific text entry (equations, tables, chemical structures) according to the Document Type Specification (DTD) offered by our customers.
To ease your XML workflow, we provide you with a wealth of experience writing pages using XML and SGML, generating XML files based on the client DTD or Schema supplied, generating XML-based templates in Adobe InDesign 3B2 and Latex/Tex, customizing style sheets from your XML DTD, and converting from one XML DTD to another.
Edgexeprtsolution can convert and format electronic files of any type of XML for web delivery, no matter what publishing category you are in

Edgexeprtsolution offers a broad range of XML resources to meet the specifications for digital formats and multi-device content storage and web publishing capabilities. Some of the key features of XML services offered by Edgexeprtsolution are:

  • Customized formatting tools for the XML, MS Word or TeX / LaTeX
  • Type sheets customized according to your DTD
  • Adapted quality management methods and models based on XML
  • Generate XML files according to your specific DTD